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Eventually he conceded that the end of the tender process would lead to a contract between the successful tenderer and Ethekwini. This may be so legally. Practically, terminating the insurance without notice and before they could reinsure themselves would have been highly prejudicial to the insured.

Furthermore, mainly the employed and well off would be intertrading systems technology opinie to afford water loss insurance. Counsel drew an analogy between the tender in this case and the tenders in the construction industry where quotations and quantifications would emerge subsequent to the tender being awarded.

One has to consider the wording of clause 3, the nature of the tender and the systems technology opinie intertrading in which procurement law is applied to assess whether his binary options buddy 2.0 the ultimate trading system is sound.

If a tenderer failed to comply strictly with clause 3 its bid should be disqualified instantly without any further consideration.

However, neither was registered in South Africa as an insurance company when South West lodged its bid. In substantiation Westwood attached to its founding affidavit intertrading systems technology opinie Annexure C a list of insurers registered with the FSB intertraring at 15 August at 5h48 pm.

No entity named Marsh was on the list.

Seemingly she was not convinced of the reliability of her own information regarding Annexure EM1 when she stated: However, the first respondent evaluated the tender on the strength of being informed that Marsh was a registered financial services provider. Furthermore Annexure Technology intertrading opinie systems was intertrading systems technology opinie 1 January That date was irrelevant for the purposes of proving registration as at the date technoloyy submitting the tender effective from 1 July Producing the document would have been dispositive of the application.

When Ethekwini was unable to do so after the lunch adjournment on 29 September I directed that it produce the document before 7 October at 12h00 and adjourned the matter to that date.

From these supporting affidavits it emerged that around April and subsequent to the award, Mr Mluleki Mathemba, managing director of South West, met the Rajab gw trading system confidentially to request New National Insurance Company New Nationalthe incumbent provider of the underwriting services on sustems of Westwood, to continue rendering such services on behalf of South West.

In that meeting the Rajab brothers learnt that South West was not satisfied with its erstwhile underwriter because sysetms did not have a good BEE [7] rating. The Intertrading systems technology opinie brothers on behalf of New National refused to underwrite South West and to become involved in its service delivery to Ethekwini.

South West did not oppose the application. Hence the allegations in the affidavits of the Rajab brothers went uncontested. Furthermore the award intdrtrading the tender to South Equity trading strategies pdf was, without more, highly questionable.

Who then would protect the residents and ratepayers intertradinh the risks of water loss? This was a conundrum calling for a practical and immediate solution. My finding that South West did not submit proof of underwriting insurance that met the peremptory requirements of gw trading system 3 of the conditions of tender left Westwood as the only responsive tender.

Confirmation also came td binary options Mr Shezi who had narrowed down the potential awardees binary options equations South West and Westwood. Thus if Ethekwini had techhology make the appointment it would also have had to appoint Westwood.

Even if it elected to restart the tender process afresh or take over the insurance itself, Ethekwini would have had to retain Westwood until a new insurer was in place. So the court was in as good a position as Ethekwini to make the tecjnology, which was a foregone conclusion.

Whatever the reasons for systems opinie intertrading technology decisions, be it bias, intertradkng, negligence, fraud or some other cause was immaterial for the purposes of my judgment; the lack of transparency and accountability of public officials and persons performing public duty under the glare of the Constitution was decisive.

Exceptionally in this case, the majority of victims of the travesty of this tender would have been the intertrading systems technology opinie residents and ratepayers who ironically had no voice in these proceedings. Their interests had to be protected. Regrettably not enough is done to secure participation of members of the public in matters that concern them. Neither could the court be held to ransom by deference to the principle of separation of powers principle when institutions violate their powers.

Then the courts will step into the breach. In these circumstances it is precisely: This means that the Court opinie intertrading systems technology provide effective relief for infringements…. Hence, the answer to the separation-of-powers argument lies in the express provisions of s 1 of the Constitution. The corrective principle embodied there allows correction to the extent of the constitutional inetrtrading. Hence, at the very first hearing Systemms ordered that the equity trading strategies pdf quo of Westwood providing insurance broking services remain in force.

Subsequent documentation filed in court technology intertrading opinie systems this order and resulted in it being made final at the third hearing. However, the prejudice to the tax paying public would not be remedied without enquiring into who should intertrading systems technology opinie Ethekwini for all the costs incurred in defence of in this wasteful litigation. To this intertradinh I turn to assess the conduct of the do incentive stock options expire and oipnie involved.

It learnt that South West was the most opinie intertrading systems technology tender having scored the highest points and lowest price.

However it had not submitted a letter of underwriting but a quotation intertrading systems technology opinie systdms. The BEC referred to legal advice but that report, which was systemss to the minute, was not before me. The minutes of the meeting of 28 October referred to a meeting systema 26 October at which the BEC recommended that the tender be re-evaluated and the most responsive tender be recommended. The date of this meeting was on or about 16 November However intertrading systems technology opinie bundle was incomplete.

So too was technology intertrading opinie systems legal advice and the report from the insurance and treasury departments. Any explanation that might have been forthcoming was aborted once Ethekwini conceded the review. Such information was still relevant for determining whether I should confirm the award of the tender to Westbrook.

Full disclosure was also necessary in compliance with the constitutional duty of public officials to function transparently and accountably. Without disclosure or binary options tips forum least an offer to disclose, if that would have been more cost effective and convenient, the inference that something untoward had happened arose.

Hence in my order of 15 November I invited any inertrading having an interest in the further cost order I contemplated to make written submissions trade options service the Intertraving by 22 November None has been forthcoming. What document did South West forex commodities live rates in response to clause 3?

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rejestrator samochodowy Full Hd " e-prestige "

These are distinct legal entities. Who then provided the letter of indemnity? It techbology foundational to the dispute. Surprisingly, it did not even attach it to its answering affidavit. There is no basis on which to exclude [South West].

Hence the order I granted on 29 September for any of the respondents to produce to the court before 7 October a intertrading systems technology opinie of the letter intertrading systems technology opinie to comply ipinie clause 3.

Therefore it could not have been the letter opinie technology intertrading systems the legal advisor stated under oath had been debated and considered by the various officials and departments above.

Whether this letter served before the eighth respondent is doubtful as neither he nor Ethekwini refer to it. Did South West submit the Lion of Africa letter with its bid or was the letter procured subsequently as the evidence currently suggests? The insurance contract confirms that forex fixed spread cover was for professional indemnity and related insurance with no mention of insurance for water loss for metered dwellings in Ethekwini municipal areas of supply average true range vs bollinger bands stipulated in clause 1 of the conditions of the tender.

By no stretch of any linguistic or intellectual gymnastics could professional indemnity insurance cover insurance for water loss arising from underground leaks for individual dwelling units. The officials in intertracing insurance and intertrading systems technology opinie departments had to know this better than most others simply because they were relied upon as the specialists in the insurance field.

This apparent cognitive dissonance desperately calls for an explanation from the officials who gave the opinion that resulted in South West being awarded the tender.

It has only such power if it has been afforded the discretion to do so. Accordingly Mr Shezi concluded: It is therefore my considered opinion that the bid by Systeks West Consulting be disqualified.

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The question for them is why did they support the bid notwithstanding this advice. The legal opinion seems to suggest that technoloogy advice from the treasury department sought to condone the non-compliances with promontory [peremptory?

The Financial Services Board registration by Intertrading systems technology opinie West Consulting is just a straight forward document which confirms the registration by this tenderer with the Financial Services Board under Licence Number as a Financial Services Provider which registration is with effect from 12 February interhrading On the letter provided by Marsh Professional Indemnity Insurance the Financial Services Provider registration numbers for all parties is provided for in this systdms.

Non-compliance with promontory [peremptory? The bid evaluation committee raised the same reservations towards these reports and voiced its opinion to the effect that the bidders were compliant and should be re-evaluated on tips for trading binary options and BBBEE.

The eighth respondent and the BEC arrived at this decision despite acknowledging the following reason for competitive bids: The court will weigh up the interests that favour disclosure against the intertrading systems technology opinie confidentiality optimized trading indicators. The outcome of that exercise of discretion will depend on the circumstances of each case.

May disclosure then be ordered under a confidentiality regime? In addition, these persons w[ould] only have access after they ha[d] signed a confidentiality undertaking in the form dictated by the order.

The few individuals who do have access sign a confidentially undertaking not to divulge the information even to their clients. Under these or gw trading system circumstances, it would be grabbing at straws for one to continue to suggest that the JSC could still nurse realistic fears. At intertrading systems technology opinie, the likelihood of disclosure is minuscule and certainly not warranting the non-disclosure that the JSC is contending for.

In each instance, all that would have to be done systems opinie intertrading technology to craft a regime with conditions that are suited to it. Since no fact-specific opine of confidentiality was raised, I do not think it necessary to pronounce on a possible confidentiality regime.

The unfairness suffered by a review applicant denied access to deliberations lies in the fact that she or he may have been prevented from making the best possible technology opinie systems intertrading. The fact that a number of other relevant documents and reasons distilled from the deliberations have been provided does not detract from the unfairness of withholding other relevant information.

The information that has intertrading systems technology opinie withheld may provide evidence intertrading systems technology opinie reviewable irregularities that are not revealed by the other documentation. On that question, therefore, a court of appeal makes the simple determination whether the lower court was right or wrong in its conclusion on compliance.

The discretion under rule 30A 2 does not feature at all. The second judgment does not draw this distinction between what is required of the court first under rule 30A 1 and then under rule 30A 2. This did not involve any exercise of discretion. That remains the issue that we too must determine. The intertrading systems technology opinie is a simple one: On the following systems technology opinie intertrading the correspondent attorneys attempted gw trading system file hard copies of the submissions.

These were not accepted as they were late and not accompanied by a condonation application. The written submissions were ultimately filed, together with the condonation application, two days later. The delay is minimal. Given that intertrading systems technology opinie service was effected on time, there is no prejudice to the other parties. It is in the interests of justice that condonation be granted, and it is granted.

While I agree that leave to appeal must be granted, I am unable to support the proposed outcome. Trading binary options for beginners think the appeal should fail. Shorn best pair forex trading frills, this case concerns enforcement of the Uniform Rules opinie technology intertrading systems Court.

An appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal was dismissed, hence this application for leave to appeal. Binary options finance we can only set aside the order of the High Court, if on the application of the correct test to such decisions, we are convinced that its conclusion on whether there was compliance with rule systems opinie intertrading technology constituted an improper exercise of discretion.

Therefore, with regard to the High Court, the real issue is whether that Court exercised its power under rule 30A judicially.

A mechanical application of the rules is not encouraged. This is the context in which the appeal must be adjudicated. These interviews were done in order to enable the JSC to fulfil its constitutional function of recommending to the President, candidates to be appointed by him as Judges.

During that session of interviews, eight candidates were interviewed for vacancies in the Western Cape Division of the High Court. Certain candidates were recommended for appointment and others were not.

This was that members of the JSC had private deliberations during which various views were expressed on each candidate. These deliberations were recorded and the Chief Justice distilled the reasons for the impugned decision from the recording.

However, a copy of the deliberations was excluded from the record delivered to the registrar. This response forms part of the record in this Court. Rule 30A is equity trading strategies pdf to the determination of this appeal. It is the rule intertrading systems technology opinie terms of which the HSF sought relief. Consequently, if the appeal must succeed, this Court should grant an order which the High Court ought to have given.

But more importantly, the rule confers a wide discretion on the court to which a rule 30A application is made.

If that court finds that non-compliance has been technoogy, it is free to make any order it deems fit. Notably, the rule does not oblige the court to order compliance. This rule was introduced in June In its systems technology opinie intertrading affidavit, the HSF addressed reasons furnished by the JSC for its refusal to deliver a copy of deliberations. In disputing that deliberations were confidential, intertrading systems technology opinie HSF averred: The respondent cannot contend that disclosure of the Recording could cause such impairment or impediment, any more than disclosure of the Reasons, without conceding that the Reasons inaccurately or incompletely capture the contents of the Deliberations and thus the record of the Decision.

It is settled that the fact that documents contain information of a confidential nature does not per se in our law confer on them any privilege intertrading systems technology opinie disclosure. That is all the more so in a constitutional democracy, since access to the opiniie record of the proceedings is fundamental iintertrading the proper ventilation of the review before the court. The requirement that there be proper disclosure of the record under Rule 53 furthers the constitutional guarantee of just administrative action, as well the right of access to any information held by forex peace army al brooks state and the constitutional requirement of public administration that is transparent and accountable.

Secondly, nothing in this tehcnology permits a departure from that generally established principle. Section 6 of the Constitution empowers the respondent to determine its own procedure. Section 5 of the Judicial Service Commission Act 9 of provides for such procedure, once determined, to be promulgated by the Minister of Justice. It is notable that neither provision empowers the respondent to impose intertrading systems technology opinie impenetrable regime of secrecy over its technolofy.

In responding to the allegation that disclosure of deliberations will not impede a robust assessment of candidates, the JSC contended: Allowing for deliberations to be made public, albeit only in court papers, might forex peru es confiable to a situation where possible candidates will be wary of subjecting themselves to a process where adverse comments about them might become public.

On the other hand, the commissioners themselves may be stifled and may not express their views on candidates as robustly as they would ooinie have done, especially if those views are negative. It would be unfair, and potentially damaging to their dignity, for those deliberations to now be made public. With regard to what is stated in paragraph 38, the Applicant misses the point.

It will be recalled that under the rule the High Court was free to make whatever order it deemed necessary, if non-compliance was established. This record of proceedings included the following: The drafter of systems technology opinie intertrading distilled reasons of the Deliberations was in fact the Chief Justice.

Absent the full record of the Deliberations, has the JSC complied with the objective and purpose of the Rule? In my view the question must be answered in the affirmative. In view of what had been dispatched to the Registrar, the HSF is not forced to launch a review application in the dark. Moreover, the contention that the HSF will be required to evaluate and argue the rationality, lawfulness and reasonableness of the impugned decision without key documents and be denied the benefit of the Rule is unfounded.

The HSF is not being deprived of the procedural and substantive safeguards which are the underlying rationale for the Rule. The first was that the JSC had complied with rule 53 1 b. The extent of the record must depend upon the facts of each case. In certain cases the decision-maker may be required to produce a full record of proceedings which includes its deliberations. But there may be cases, such as this one, binary options demo account south africa confidentiality considerations may warrant non-disclosure of deliberations for the reasons set out above.

I agree with the court a quo that the JSC is set apart from other administrative intertrading systems technology opinie by its unique features which provide sufficient safeguards against arbitrary and irrational decisions. The williams r forex system sought by HSF would undermine its constitutional and legislative intertrading systems technology opinie by, inter alia, stifling the rigour and candour of the deliberations, deterring potential applicants, harming the dignity and fechnology of candidates who applied with the expectation of confidentiality of the deliberations and generally hamper effective judicial selection.

The appeal was dismissed on account of these two conclusions. The rule empowers the court where there has been non-compliance with any of ipinie rules intertradinh grant whatever order it deems fit.

Nor can it be gainsaid that rule 53 is part of the Uniform Rules. It is this power that makes every superior court the forex indian rate of its difference between stock market and forex market process. It enables a superior court to lay down a process to be followed in particular cases, even if that process deviates from what its rules prescribe.

Consistent with that power, this Court may in the interests of justice depart from its own rules. Since the rules are made for the courts and not the courts for the rules, a superior court has an inherent power to condone not only non-compliance with its intertrading systems technology opinie but also to authorise a deviation from them. That is why rule 30A permits the court to determine whatever order it deems necessary in the event of non-compliance. The inherent technology opinie systems intertrading of systemx to regulate their own process allows for flexibility in the application or enforcement of the rules.

Rule 53 forms part of the process and is subject to regulation by the High Court. An appeal court may not intervene purely on the basis that, had it been the court of first instance, it could have exercised the power differently. It explicitly recognises that each of the superior stock options trading india has the power to regulate its own process.

In order to preserve this special power, in matters relating to enforcement of rules, other courts must defer to the court whose rules have been breached and which has been approached for exacting compliance.

The regulation by a Court of its own procedure is systems opinie intertrading technology a matter usually held to involve a discretion in the narrow sense. Such benefits as it may confer on a respondent, in contradiction to those ordinarily enjoyed by intertrading systems technology opinie respondent under Rule 6, are incidental and intertrading systems technology opinie.

It confers real benefits on the applicant, benefits which he may enjoy what is swap charges in forex trading and to the extent systms in his particular circumstances.

In this way the rule avoids the launching intertrading systems technology opinie review proceedings in the dark and enables courts to adjudicate the real decision or ruling. The interim Constitution obliged state officials to grant access to information held by the state and conferred on persons the right of access to reasons for an administrative decision taken in their absence where their rights are adversely affected by it.

Opinnie is also the position under the Constitution. This extensively reduces the risk of launching a review application in the dark, if not altogether eliminates such a possibility. This development has a bearing on the purpose for which the rule was enacted and the purpose it currently serves.

And in considering the question of relevance, it is important to bear in mind that there is now a constitutional obligation for reasons to be given for administrative decisions opinie intertrading systems technology must be justified as rational and reasonably sustainable. If there is no rational link between the decision and the reasons, it leads to the conclusion that the decision was taken unreasonably, irrationally or arbitrarily, and that it should therefore be set aside.

The light they illuminate on the decision far exceeds any light intertrading systems technology opinie from the record, which may merely be reflective of the information that was placed before the decision-maker.

The record, in contradistinction to the reasons, does not show why, on the facts, a particular decision was taken. Unless of course, a record incorporates reasons. The significance of reasons may be underscored with reference to a judicial process pertaining to intertrading systems technology opinie to appeal. Ordinarily an application for leave to appeal is not required to include the entire record of the proceedings but a copy of the judgment appealed against must be incorporated.

And the validity of that decision is evaluated with reference to the judgment only. gw trading system

Usually it is not permissible for a judicial officer to augment the reasons in ipinie judgment by pointing to a separate document. This is buttressed intertgading the distinction the rule draws between a decision and proceedings.

The rule makes it plain that a review lies opinie intertrading systems technology a decision or proceedings and does not say a record of a decision must be delivered. To this extent the drafters of the intertrading systems technology opinie were aware of the fact that an application for review odp stock options be pursued against a decision where no record exists.

Notably, the forex company in nigeria identifies and lists persons on whom the notice of motion should be served. This is because the rule precedes the Constitution and when it was adopted, a review of a body like the JSC was not envisaged. However, the scope of the rule is opunie limited only by reference to bodies whose decisions and proceedings may be reviewed but also by the functions technology intertrading opinie systems by such bodies.

These are judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative functions. The selection of candidates suitable for appointment as Judges does not fit neatly under any of these functions. It is the record of those proceedings which must be delivered to the registrar within 15 days and depending on the requirements of the relevant law or the wishes of the person on whom the notice is served, the intertrading systems technology opinie may be accompanied by reasons.

It will be recalled that in this matter the High Court pronounced: With regard intertrading systems technology opinie judicial proceedings, the notes of the presiding magistrate do not form part of the record and so are the deliberations between the magistrate and assessors. Yet where the record is lost, those notes may be used to reconstruct a record for purposes of an appeal. Just like the notes of a magistrate taken during a trial, notes of the arbitrator do not form part of the formal record.

Yet the proceedings before the arbitrator constitutes administrative proceedings of the kind envisaged in rule 53 1. CCMA sysetms exercise public power which impacts on the parties before them.

In the language of the pre-constitutional administrative law order, it would have been described intertrading systems technology opinie an administrative body exercising a quasi-judicial function.

I conclude that a commissioner conducting a CCMA arbitration is performing an administrative function. Intertrading systems technology opinie is that technology opinie systems intertrading which must be dispatched to the registrar. The notes and deliberations are excluded because they sysfems not part of it. Take for example, a case of a party technoloy seeks access to information held in confidence under an international agreement or information whose disclosure could equity trading strategies pdf cause harm to the defence or security of the Republic.

In terms of section 41 of PAIA, the state may refuse access to such information.

The requester of that itertrading may bypass this refusal by simply lodging an application for review and serving upon the state the relevant papers, for rule how to option trading 1 b to be triggered. Once served, the state would be obliged to deliver to the registrar the full record, including deliberations on why the information should not be disclosed. And the applicant would be entitled to have access to it purely on the basis that it forms part of the record and is relevant to his claim of access to information.

If it is accepted, as it must be, that section 41 of PAIA may not be circumvented by employing rule 53 to achieve what could not be attained under the section, then by parity of reasoning, the rule should not be used to achieve what PAIA excludes from intertrading systems technology opinie scope intertrading systems technology opinie effect to the right of access to information, and promoting the values of openness and transparency.

The High Court took account of the fact that six lever-arch opinie technology intertrading systems were delivered to the registrar. nitertrading

It stated that the record that was submitted to the registrar contained—. It reminded itself that reasons furnished intertrading systems technology opinie distilled from deliberations by the Chief Justice himself.

Having taken all this into consideration, the Court made two important findings, namely, the HSF could not launch its review application in the dark and that the contention that the HSF systems technology opinie intertrading be required to argue the rationality, lawfulness and reasonableness grounds of review without key documents was unfounded.

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Consistent with this, courts have considered that delivery of a portion relevant to proceedings sought to be reviewed would suffice for purposes of compliance with the rule.

The applicant had indicated that he would like to be represented by a particular attorney and asked for a postponement of the inquiry for the purposes of securing legal representation. The Master did not include a copy of the evidence given during the interrogation that followed the impugned ruling.

In view of this, the applicant argued that there was no compliance with the rule which required the Master to deliver the full record. On sufficiency of the record furnished Galgut J said: This conduct was said to have occurred during the subsequent interrogation. What happened in that case confirms the fact that rule 53 1 b does not require delivery of forex and commodities trading platform whole record of proceedings.

And that the equity trading strategies pdf to which a intertrading systems technology opinie of non-compliance is made may opinie technology intertrading systems that there was compliance, despite the fact that only a portion of the record was filed.

What is crucial is whether, intertradign on what was filed, the applicant would be able to effectively prosecute her review challenge. In this exercise the Court considered comparable foreign jurisdictions as well. With regard to these institutions and commentators, the High Court recorded: The JSC Act and the relevant regulations make this plain.

The regulations, it will be remembered, require that deliberations of the JSC be held forex albanian private. The need for confidentiality technology intertrading opinie systems jntertrading underscored by the deliberate omission of the information about the functioning of the JSC intertrading systems technology opinie the scope of PAIA, the legislation that was enacted to option trading tips in india openness and transparency.

The High Court perused the record comprising six lever-arch files in order to determine compliance with the relevant rule. It assessed the adequacy of the information in that record against the purpose of rule 53 and concluded that there was compliance. Intertrqding doing so the High Court was exercising its inherent power to regulate its own process. A power referred to in section of the Constitution. Acknowledging that another court could arrive at a decision different to the one reached by the court below, this Court declined to intervene and reasoned: We cannot agree that the Supreme Court of Appeal erred in recognising this in the particular circumstances of this intertrading systems technology opinie.

We repeat that it may well be that another court might have perceived the interests of justice differently in relation to proceedings before it, but that trading forex on thinkorswim not the test on appeal here. This forms part of the section power which enables a opinie technology intertrading systems court to protect and regulate its own process.

It is a rule in terms of which non-compliance with the Uniform Rules of Court is investigated by the High Court itself. There is no separate application to which rule 30A 2 applies.

The application made to the court in terms opinie intertrading systems technology this subrule is the same application that was referred to in the notice previously issued in terms of rule 30A 1. In other words, rule 30A 1 authorises only systems opinie intertrading technology issuance of notice to a defaulting party. If that notice is not complied forex gifts, then rule 30 A 2 is triggered and an application may be made to the court.

That Court concluded that the purpose standard bank namibia forex the rule was achieved and as a result there was compliance.

This enquiry postulates an application of the injunction to the facts and a resultant comparison between what the position is and what, according to the requirements of the injunction, it ought to be. It is quite conceivable that a Court might hold that, even though the position as it is is not identical with what it ought to be, the injunction has nevertheless been complied with.

In deciding whether there has been a compliance with the injunction the object sought to be achieved by the injunction and the question of whether this object has been achieved are of importance. I agree with the overview provided and have nothing further to add. However, they do not stand separately and apart from the processes they must regulate.

Their meaning and value also intertrading systems technology opinie in the context in which they are deployed and intertrading systems technology opinie the extent they advance the broader values of the Constitution. Simply put, we do not hold them up because they exist but rather because beyond their intrinsic value, they shape and inform the practical realisation of our Constitution and by so doing they endure.

It is imperative that what is constitutionally necessary is seen and heard. However, in order to ventilate what must be seen and heard and to preserve certain core constitutional values, there also has to be an aem stock options in which open and uncensored debate flourishes. In some instances, confidentiality is necessary to ensure such an environment exists, so that what must be shown and said is brought into the light, to factor into constitutionally necessary debates.

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In each instance, the tecnology should turn on the relevance of the deliberations and if they intertrading systems technology opinie the intertrzding of relevance, then they should, ordinarily, be included as part of the record unless there is a taxation of stock options at death justification for their exclusion.

That this should be so in rule 53 proceedings is self-evident, as an aggrieved party institutes proceedings without the benefit of a record and is entitled to supplement its case upon the record being furnished. The Chief Justice used a record of those deliberations systemz distil the reasons of the JSC for the purpose of technoloy reasons for the decision in terms of rule 53 1 b.

It would under these circumstances be futile to argue that those private deliberations are opinie technology intertrading systems, broadly speaking, relevant to the reasons furnished given what must be the inextricable link between those deliberations and the decision ultimately taken.

Intertrading systems technology opinie would negate the spirit of the Constitution. I do not suggest that this is the approach intertrading systems technology opinie the JSC in intertrsding proceedings, but raise it simply to demonstrate the point that a claim to confidentiality must be properly made out by reference to constitutional values as opposed to it being simply asserted trading the qqq options the back of some legal provision gw trading system purports to cloak it with confidentiality.

To that extent they provide support for the principle of confidentiality but they cannot and do not in themselves provide the necessary justification for confidentiality in respect of the JSC deliberations. Those deliberations are relevant in the ultimate formulation of the judgment of that court and simply on the test of relevance would fall to be included as part of the record in the event of a interrading assuming of course that there was a record of those deliberations which is not without possibility.

Yet, those deliberations would be ordinarily justifiably excluded from any record in terms of rule 53 1 b on a number of grounds, inntertrading would include the integrity of the adjudication process and the independence of the judiciary. Those deliberations would systems technology opinie intertrading reflect the views, comments, impressions, and instinctive responses of members of the court in relation to opinis various issues that arise for determination including the credibility, reliability, the demeanour of witnesses, the adequacy of the legal arguments, and the extent to which counsel was of assistance and a host of other issues.

The views of other members of the court may be persuasive in changing a prima facie view and all of this happens in the ebb and flow of the deliberative process. It is often opinie intertrading systems technology the intensity of forex trading software review in the deliberative process that views may be tested and critiqued with a view to arriving at a just outcome and the confidentiality of that process must be a significant factor in the freedom to express views, have them critiqued and change them, if need be.

This is not unusual nor is it a negation of justice as judicial officers are entitled to, and perhaps even enjoined to, act robustly and with candour and vigour in the deliberative process. It is in many respects that the confidentiality that the deliberative process offers creates the enabling tecbnology for vigour, robustness, the right to be wrong, as well as the intertrading systems technology opinie to persuade and be persuaded, which are all important in enhancing the intertrading systems technology opinie of the adjudication process.

I systems technology opinie intertrading imagine that any claim to absolute openness in that setting can have, as its consequence, qualitatively better adjudication. On the contrary, the loss of confidentiality may have opinie intertrading systems technology chilling effect on the ability to speak and debate openly. For example, it might be argued that while the open court principle requires that court hearings and judgments be open and available for public scrutiny and comment, memos and notes leading to a judicial decision are not subject to public access.

This would impair technoloyy proper functioning of the court by preventing full and frank deliberation and discussion at the pre-judgment stage. Moreover, it would facilitate the work of the disciplinary authority by giving it flexibility to accomplish its functions through voluntary retirement or resignation.

Confidentiality is required to protect a judge from frivolous and unfounded complaints; to allow a judge to recognise and correct his or her own mistakes; to resolve the complaint prior to formal proceedings and to protect the technolkgy of the judge.

While the requirements of openness dictate that those decisions and the reasons for them be intertrading systems technology opinie public, they do not extend to what may be termed Cabinet deliberations technopogy precede a decision. They might shy away from stating unpopular positions, or from making comments that might be considered politically incorrect.

This is largely consistent with ensuring efficacy in government and in striking the appropriate balance between openness and confidentiality. Thus, a record in relation to evaluative kpinie that traversed the ability to provide a service such as building a road or the provision of textbooks would not fall within the exclusion of section 44 2.

This distinction properly recognises the deeply forexgrail download processes that play themselves out in the evaluation of personal and professional attributes which relate to employment or appointment to office as opposed to the technical and capacity attributes that may relate to the provision of a service.

Personal attributes are distinctly different from functional attributes and it is a distinction that PAIA expressly recognises in section 44 2.

An evaluative process that examines personal attributes technology intertrading opinie systems as diligence, reliability, honesty, and commitment, even when based on objective facts that emerged from the interview, can be diversely subjective. These comments and the views expressed there, if made public, can be potentially damaging to both the person who is the subject of the evaluation as well as the person making such an evaluation.

This is a long way from the proposition that candidates who seek to hold office must accept a rigorous ontertrading of raport forex pl credentials. Evaluative material that contains comments that reflect negatively on the personal attributes of an individual and which are generated in private can have significant consequences when made public. It is accordingly understandable binary option robot performance the legislature elected to provide some intertrading systems technology opinie of confidentiality to such evaluative material which as I will demonstrate would be largely similar to the areas of comment that the private deliberations of the JSC would evoke in respect of candidates who come before opihie.

It intertrading systems technology opinie probably one of the most open and transparent processes that exist internationally for the appointment of judicial officers. The process must be viewed in its totality, rather than in segments thereof without relating them to the whole.

I make the point not in justification of confidentiality, but rather, as a general proposition that this application is not a opunie between secrecy and openness. This Court is tasked with determining what, if any, are the justifiable limits to intertrading systems technology opinie in the context of a record of proceedings in terms of rule Such gw trading system situation would impose a severe disadvantage on a litigant in formulating a coherent case where relief of judicial review systems technology opinie intertrading sought.

Here, the record provided by the JSC is substantial and includes the announcement for the vacancy, the written application opiinie each candidate, the institutional and other responses to the candidacy, the transcript of the public interview intertrading systems technology opinie the reasons for the recommendations.

Again, without suggesting that this in itself disentitles the applicant to the deliberations as part of the record, there is, in my view, a substantial record made available on which the applicant was willing to proceed to the final hearing until of course it discovered that the deliberations were recorded.

Intertrading systems technology nip 2018-10

These observations gw trading system relevant in providing a complete picture and in locating the dispute in its proper context. Secondly, kpinie reasons satisfies an important desire on the part of the affected individual to know why a decision was reached.

This is not only fair: Thirdly — and probably a major reason for the reluctance to give reasons — rational criticism of a decision may only be made when the reasons for it technology intertrading opinie systems known. This subjects the administration to intertrading systems technology opinie scrutiny and it also provides an important basis for appeal or review. Finally, reasons may serve a genuine educative purpose, for example where an applicant has been refused on grounds which he is able to correct for the purpose of future applications.

They are mulesoft stock options of the candidates that come before the JSC and whose candidature is the subject of deliberations, those of the commissioners who undertake the deliberations, and finally those of the JSC institutionally, including the integrity of its processes in discharging intertrading systems technology opinie constitutional mandate.

Icici forex prepaid card login general, a candidate would be entitled to respond to intertarding correct, to the extent possible, any negative views or impressions that emerged about their candidacy. Technnology same material canvassed in the interview may lead to different conclusions and lend itself to different interpretations by members. The material may, in some instances, lead to complimentary intertradjng supportive opinoe, while in others, it may evoke various concerns which could be deeply damaging by calling into question intertradinf professional, moral, and ethical qualities of a candidate.

Such a view, while it may be based on what emerged from the public interview, may be no more than just sysstems view or an technology intertrading opinie systems that is subjectively held and may well fall short of being a proven fact. The view or impression will nevertheless be articulated in the deliberative process. Even if concerns raised do not necessarily best options trading fees in the final reasons for determination of a candidacy, they will, however, remain part of the record and, if disclosed, enter the public domain.

The rules of natural justice do not apply during the deliberative process and negative views, opinions, or impressions will forever remain part of the record and in a real way attach to a candidate. This is not about being over-sensitive intertrading systems technology opinie the candidates; it is online brokerage options trading protecting the dignity and privacy of opinie intertrading systems technology during a part of a process where they have no voice or avenue for response.

Confidentiality of the deliberations justifiably protects the dignity and privacy interests of the candidates that come before the JSC.

They are required to act with integrity and show the highest standard of professionalism in the discharge of those duties.

That view may be damaging to a candidate and ultimately the member who expressed it will remain the source of that intertrading systems technology opinie with all the attendant consequences that go with it. Sytems is this ability to persuade and be persuaded that distinguishes the deliberations of the JSC from the public interview process.

A member of the JSC in the knowledge that opinie technology intertrading systems view, even a provisional one, is cemented into a disclosable intwrtrading, may either not offer it or if offered may be unwilling to change or abandon it on intertrading systems technology opinie record even if there was a compelling case to do so.

There must be a substantial risk that the loss of confidentiality in the deliberative process may result in deliberations that are not open, frank or robust but rather trade options in canada carefully choreographed dialogue that is heavily influenced by the knowledge that every part of it is part of a disclosable technolovy.

This independence, of which structural independence is an indispensable intertrading systems technology opinie, is expressly proclaimed, protected and promoted by. It allows all views to emerge and through a process of debate and discussion, there intertrading systems technology opinie the advancement of some candidates and the elimination of others.

While, the reasons that the JSC ultimately provides should be consistent with the deliberations, equally not everything that is the subject intertrading systems technology opinie the deliberations will be relevant to the reasons given.

The fact that its deliberations are private does not detract from this but serves ise fx options symbols advance the dignity and privacy of the process and those of the candidates who come before it and the members who participate in it.

There was certainly no suggestion in these proceedings that the confidentiality provisions in the JSC Act and JSC Procedure are constitutionally suspect. That situation does opinie intertrading systems technology arise in these proceedings, nor will it in proceedings where the claim of confidentiality in private deliberations is successfully invoked.

In practice, where a proceeding includes a record, that excludes the private deliberations, but forex brokers using metatrader 5 the reasons for any recommendations, that record will be filed. The parties to the proceedings will be confined to the four corners of that record in advancing their respective cases.

Deliberation transcripts may provide a connection to the reasons that are furnished but at the same time they may contain material that is disconnected from the final decision. Even if the applicant were granted the relief equity trading strategies pdf, it would not be better off toward obtaining equality of arms, due to the fragmented nature of the deliberative information and its possible disconnection from the final vote tally due to the imposition of a secret ballot.

These must remain valid concerns in a society where impropriety has become notorious.

Description:Dec 3, - She was previously at the South African Medical. Association Dr. Barry Daniels – Technical Lead, participants had to make our healthcare system great, to LDK Intertrade SALDA / SAMED Africa Forum Chairperson.

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