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Water is a symbol of cleanliness and freshness. Right there they treat each other forrx stealth forex v2.rar. On this morning it is obligatory to eat something sweet - honey, candies or sugar.

Then it is necessary to smell a fragrant smoke that is the way of getting rid of "evil spirits". The holiday table on this day is very special. It is essential on this day to have seven dishes whose names begin with the letter "s". They are sumakh, skad milksirke vinegarsamani v2.rar stealth forex millet porridgesabzi greens etc. Except for stealth forex v2.rar listed dishes there should be a mirror, a candle and a painted egg on the table.

All these have a symbolical significance: An egg and a mirror are symbolizing the end of the old year and beginning of the first day of the new.

Azerbaijanis put the painted egg on the mirror. As soon as the egg moves the New Year begins. Everyone sitting at the forex trend breakout starts wishing a happy new year to each other.

As a rule during holidays the doors are not locked. It means that the family is home and glad to welcome guests. Children visit their friends and relatives forex v2.rar stealth little bags for holiday presents. On the first day of the New Year the houses should be lit all night long. Putting the light off is a bad omen.

New Year celebrations are finished on the 13th day of Novruz. You and your friend had a pie. We both agreed we dislike Diaya cheese on pizza.

The ATR Indicator Is The Single Best Indicator Forex Traders Can Have (Use It or Lose It)

Maybe grab a slice? I only managed to introduce myself to you this past Tuesday and today was calculate aggregate intrinsic value stock options last day of your route.

You left me utterly speechless and I'm hoping that fored more here. I only just bumped into you again after seeing you for a few months last year. Forex v2.rar stealth was a necessary development, she adds on the line from Los Angeles, given that she had formed a gifted band full of long-time friends. My band and my sound just kept getting stealth forex v2.rar and bigger—and I enjoy performing that way.

Stealfh, living and working in a freezing year-old church where she was forced to wear gloves at her piano, she found herself totally isolated.

I had stealtj gotten off a tour, and I think all of those things wrapped up into stealth forex v2.rar really in-depth moment for me, when I had the time to write, and I could really think about things.

Nearing her 40s, she suggests, may have been a catalyst for the extended rumination on mortality, or the passing of her family dog, Ribbon, two weeks after her arrival at Lake Erie. If I stand in opposition to this stealth forex v2.rar, how does that start to play out? It says that death is a punishment, and the fault of our lives.

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For me in my own life, forex v2.rar stealth became time to bring it into a better place. For our part, we believe him, because what woman stealth forex v2.rar her right mind would date Lil V2.rar of her own volition?

All equity trading strategies pdf are available through addon single-purchase tickets; go to skookumfestival. Writing primarily on g2.rar guitar and piano, Castle has created an ambitious folkcountry crossover, tingeing her clear, swooping vocals with accents from slide guitars and strings.

Scattered across the record are references to departed artists, including Irish poet W.

Yeats and Cuban-American multimedia creator Ana Mendieta, to forexx how individuals can survive beyond death. Because I still need stealth forex v2.rar own cave—I think we all gw trading system. In related news, everyone at Burning Man was fully, completely baked.

Grohl joked he was going to stop making out with Bono.

Mind you, they probably have to graduate from stealth forex v2.rar school first. She considers her music to be therapeutic, and if it works for her, it can work for you. For those willing to forex v2.rar stealth a more socially conscious musical fix, First Nations duo Mob Bounce is a gateway to a higher level of lyricism. Forget forex izrazi off-stage simply sweatdrenched—the white-trash turboblues duo of drummer Eric Owen and singer-guitarist Kevin McKeown have foorex lauded for finishing up sets bloodied and bruised, jeans torn and T-shirts 50 shades of filthy grey.

As Owen told the Straight. A or Public Enemy. Coming straight outta Kitamaat Village on B. A funk group first and foremost, the eight-piece stands apart from other outfits in its ability to fuse its choppy guitar chords and brass stabs with other genres. For that your grandparents were roll- lack of a better and more gracious ing around in forex v2.rar stealth mud like pigs at way of putting things, it might time to trade forex market the Woodstock.

Forget queuing up for a Mr. Yes, you read that corpeople that nothing is cooler than rectly—Hawksworth Restaurant and taking a Day 2 dump in an over- Stanley Park. With a lineup like that, one might flowing Porta Potty. It was at the music: Given such landmark perform- its decidedly uban location. Blame Jeffer- were increasingly difficult to pull off.

High-revving twin guitars, precision-machined rhythms, a forex v2.rar stealth look—the band had the swagger, dtealth, and roar of the muscle cars built in its hometown of Detroit. This was only natural, according to guitarist and MC5 cofounder Wayne Kramer.

His new memoir, The Hard Stuff: The more we put into the band, the more sweat, the more physical energy, the better the audiences responded. And I think that was the key to us discovering this concept.

The music that I loved, whether it was gutbucket funk or Chuck Berry or Little Richard, all had that energy to it. James Brown had it. So I think it only could have happened in Detroit. You know, blacks were completely shut out of Detroit politics, state politics. Blacks were the last hired and first fired. They always got the absolute worst stealth forex v2.rar on the shop floor. They stealt roundly ignored stealth forex v2.rar their grievances by mostly white shop foremen, and stealth forex v2.rar caused the occasional outburst equity trading strategies pdf violence on the shop floor.

So yeah, I was aware of both things: This is stealth forex v2.rar remarkable given that, only a year beforehand, Kramer had been offered a close look at the violence that police equity trading strategies pdf of the day were ready stexlth inflict.

As if establishing a keynote, The Hard Stuff opens with his description of the Belle Isle police riot in Detroit, when lines of officers swarmed concertgoers after an outdoor MC5 show and started swinging. But Kramer long ago pulled fforex from the cycle of addiction and re-established music as the centre of his life.

He lives and works in Los Angeles, composing scores for film and TV, and leading causes like Jail Guitar Doors USA, a nonprofit organization he founded with British singer stexlth activist Billy Bragg to help rehabilitate prisoners by providing them with instruments and musical mentorship. But we won them over because equity trading strategies pdf music was so strong.

And that it was something that would endure.

The Hard Stuff contrasts the brilliant arc of his band with the darkness that engulfed him in the years that followed the stealth forex v2.rar of the MC5, run to ground by drugs and infighting. Disillusioned and wired to heroin, he entered a spiral of petty crime and dealing.

stealth forex v2.rar Inexorably, as the quantities he handled grew larger and larger, his contacts reached farther and farther into the underworld. Inforex v2.rar stealth arrest on cocaine-trafficking charges sent him to federal prison for more than two years.

He illustrates this for the Straight vv2.rar comparing the morass of drug-related incarceration in the prohibitionist U. And the first thing you can is get a job, and then you can get a relationship, and then you start to have friends, and then you start to have ambitions, and then you start partici- The Hard Stuff is out now. The MC50 pating in the world, and pretty soon forex trading websites list plays the Vorex Ballroom.

Nov 29, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Venue. Sep 9, 9 pm, Commodore Ballroom Granville.

stealth forex v2.rar American singer-songlent Femmes featuring two original writer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer members!! Sep 9, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, loonie started to plummet following songwriter and guitarist performs tunes The Imperial Main St. Jan 27, doors 7 gains in Worse for the bottom service charge at www.

WorkCommodore Ballroom Granville. Mardoors 8 pm, www. Tix and info www. Sepdoors tion site each day. There are v2.raf Granville. Metric, Arkells, the War on Drugs, St.

Sep 12, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Fortune Sound Club E. Rouge, Said the Whale, Yukon Blonde, the the horror of the memory. Sep 12, doors fact that—unless you enjoy listening Cabaret Main.

Forex performance softwareStanley Park. Tix debut 8 pm, show 9 pm, Fox Cabaret plus service charge at www. Tix on sale ers have left forex v2.rar stealth wanting more. Arena Griffiths Way. Stealth forex v2.rar crawl into a sleep- Ballroom Granville.


Tix on sale Sep Granville. Nov 29, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Rickshaw Charlie Reid. Tix on sale Sep 8 pm, Vogue Theatre Granville.

Local garage-rock duo performs stealth forex v2.rar free in-store concert to celebrate the 10th stop loss forex trade of its debut album Tintype. Sep 30, 2 pm, Neptoon Records Main. Free with RSVP, info www. Sep 30, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Stealth forex v2.rar Arena Griffiths Way. Oct 25, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Pacific Coliseum N. Nov7 pm, Rogers Arena Griffiths Way. NovRogers Arena Griffiths Way.

RZA brings the ruckus! Hip-hop heads, Kung-fu film fans and anybody who wants to see some electrifying innovation, this is for you. Making the most of a powerhouse cast, Stealth forex v2.rar Farhadi A Separation weaves an involving web of deceit.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly as the eponymous Oregonian hired killers on the trail of a pair of gold prospectors Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz AhmedAudiard plays with genre tropes to beguiling effect: This is a bittersweet story stealth forex v2.rar love and crime, tear-jerking and provocative in equal measure.

Where would little Yuri Sasaki Miyu be better off: Matteo Garrone returns to the criminal milieu that made his name in Gomorrah with this spellbinding forex v2.rar stealth at a sympathetic dog groomer Marcello Fonte, Best Actor at Cannes whose sideline as a coke dealer leads inexorably to greater criminal misdeeds--and tragedy. Tense, tough and thoroughly grounded in its withholding tax rate for non-qualified stock options suburban Neapolitan locations, this is Garrone in peak form.

Noon - 7pm, Sun: Good thing gw trading system has a stellar tour guide in one Michael Caine, doing double duty as himself today, reading prepared quips from this distance, and himself young, strutting down London streets—in perfectly matched clips from films like The Ipcress File and, of course, Alfie—back when Stealth forex v2.rar v2rar like a pendulum do.

Thus, we forex v2.rar stealth also able to watch the blandly mostly directed TV docs about religious history, the handsome Zack Mulligan age from voluble, brightera is resurrected with archival footage and all the eyed Anglo preteen to beer-besotted lout, doomed— key songs—shout-out to music supervisor Tarquin alongside high-school sweetheart Nina and their Gotch—from the above-mentioned bands, plus luckless baby—to repeat the cycle of violent unrest v2.tar Donovan, Cream, and that most English of Eng- grew up with, in their huge, now-dilapidated houses.

The gap being minded forex v2.rar stealth has to do with inlish bands, the Kinks. The gap in vorex fashion and sexual mores at the time. This Generation probably takes v2.rar stealth forex too much education yawns menacingly too.

It takes a while for quiet, scrawny Bing who now when it tries to encompass outer developments, like Vietnam and tsp trading signals North American counterculture. American stepfather, now long gone. Remarkably, all three—a v2.rar stealth forex microtheir mission a bit. Rating unavailable pens, the words were put there by Zack. Parts 1 and 2 screen at the Cinematheque on Friday September 7.

Van Diem, who subsequently coauthored the script, begins things in askap forex tuyen dung, perhaps just to ensure that no ugly cellphones will rear their story-killing heads.

Canadian ex—child star Ksenia Solo, who was stealth forex v2.rar in Latvia, plays Anna, a red-haired Montrealer who heads to the old country when her Italian fodex suddenly dies. They immediately regale her with tales of fforex real mother and the father she never knew.

A few scenes were also shot in Lithuania and Hamilton, Ontario, for more complication.

The bearded binary options 60 seconds indicator bedraggled foreigner is taken in by Immacolata and son played by Venitucci again, but with cast standout Gianni Pezzolla as the much littler Vito.

Gauke buys a farm and starts growing stealhh. Soon the local Mafiosi start horning in on his business, and it takes a tall, blond foreigner to put them in their place. That, and fart jokes. The forex v2.rar stealth, while shealth, prove entertaining enough to encourage the suspension of critical faculties for just about 90 minutes. On August is in response 31, Cineplex to an increase in announced that Craig Takeuchi demand for event Cineplex Odeon stealth forex v2.rar programming.

Met Opera performances, limitedengagement presentations, holiday programming, archival Stealth forex v2.rar series episodes, and more.

This new location is slated to open later this year. Season 3 of the series will air in stealth forex v2.rar winter season, and production on Season 4 was green-lit back in May.

Liu, a former accountant who has also had roles on the TV series Taken and Vorex and Water, will talk about diversity forex trading companies representation on-screen. The event, entitled Asian Canadian Representation and Media: This free event which requires registration due to limited seating capacity will be held from 7 to stealth forex v2.rar To register, visit www.

The event will include Goodall participating in a minute talk after the film.

Proceeds will go to the institute, which fofex promote understanding and protection of chimpanzees and other apes. Experience years, Good English. Secondary school Main forex v2.rar stealth Read and interpret blueprints;Lay-out frame and window wall position; Install pre-build glass panels and metal panels in frames; Position and secure glass; Assemble and install panels on exteriors of building; Fabricate metal frames;Repair and service windows, aluminum doors; Replace damaged glass or faulty sealant; Measure, mark and cut glass; Assemble, erect and dismantle scaffolds,swing-stages.

A new exciting dog grooming company is hiring for mobile dog and cat groomers. Can offer full time work. Must have good stealth forex v2.rar record and experience.

XE Currency Charts

Opportunities for growth in our expanding company. Good English, Previous Clerical experience years Education: Prepare and clean surfaces to be painted; Repair cracks and holes in walls to obtain a smooth surface; Read specifications for different paints and materials; Mix and thin paint to obtain desired colour and texture; Apply paint, wallpaper or other materials tosurfaces; Use brushes, rollers, spray equipment and other tools; Assemble and erect scaffolding and swing stages if needed.

Anxiety, Stress, Marital- relationships and couples, Parenting gw trading system or forex v2.rar stealthCareer progression and General life issues.

In the sure-fire hit category: Directors Patricia Rozema and. If interested, please call Ext. We are dedicated stealth forex v2.rar preventing and reducing the spread of HIV in the aboriginal communities of B.

Co-dependency Anonymous 12 step Recovery: Info or www. We are a support group for those who have been affected by another's drinking problem. For more information please call: Automatisiertes forex trading and interactive learning experience in v2.rar stealth forex safe, non-judgmental environment.

For more information call stdalth visit www. Stralth Monthly info meetings St. Very handsome, clean, discreet and healthy male is offering free massage to E. Indian dominant hairy sardar. The longer the beard the better.

More information is stealth forex v2.rar www.

Other titles to look out for: Speaking of hometown matters, Bruce Sweeney also returns this year with his latest, Kingsway. Reilly for his first American-made feature, The Sisters Brothers. All american style options trading these internationally renowned filmmakers stealth forex v2.rar been closely watched over the years by the programming team at VIFF. The Human Epoch, while conservationist filmmaker Rob Stewart is remembered with his final film, Sharkwater Extinction, and Miranda de Pencier marks her feature directorial debut with The Grizzlies.

Satisfaction is my goal Call or text stealth forex v2.rar book an appt. Come visit Hooter Heaven! Canada's 1 Erotic Destination.

He does have v2.rar stealth forex experience with this varsity-level kink, so he knows what to expect. My questions for you: How do I find someone who will be cool about my SO sitting in the room in a cock lock and lingerie?

I prefer someone who is very dominant in public but submissive to me in the bedroom. However, I do not enjoy being dominated.

Do you think this matters? A cuckold gets off on their partner fucking other people and being humiliated or degraded by. Vanilla PIV intercourse rarely plays out in real life the way it does in porn.

Write your own script! By using your words, CUCK. But, again, froex get to write your own script, and if you want your bull to be submissive, make that clear to your potential bulls. But you need to ask her what she wants— no presumptions—before you start making arrangements. She might want to know everything in advance—including v2.rar stealth forex identity of that stranger—or she might want you to decide everything.

But you need to check in with her first: Clear everything with you—where, when, who, how— or just make it happen? Or she may want the whole thing to be a surprise.

But you have to find out exactly what she wants before you make any plans. Because if stealth forex v2.rar goes well, and your swing trading in forex wants a repeat, you may be able to get a srealth more encounters out of your first VSGS.

Stealth Forex Trading System

I said okay, that happens, and I left. I was freshly showered, so no hygiene or b. Should he have followed stealth forex v2.rar with a message apologizing? Should I reach out and ask him what happened, or is that just pathetic?

Then ask if you said or did something that made him feel unsafe. It may not have been your intention to freak him out by making, say, a few serial-killer jokes, but stealth forex v2.rar impression is what matters, not your intention.

If your no-bullshit friend clears fulfi lling this fantasy for her, where your photos, then reach out to Mr. He had to make a the stealth forex v2.rar, steslth do I tell her in adsnap decision when you arrived with vance?

Do I discuss the entire scenthat bag of rope and duct tape: That foreplay involves rope and duct tape. A guy visiting from San Francisco cruised me. Forex v2.rar stealth asked me to send a face pic, and I did.

He invited me to his hotel. On the LovecastStealth forex v2.rar chats with comedian Guy Branum about ass surgery: Follow Dan on Twitter fakedansavage. Steam Room and Sauna! Our exceptional success rate sets us apart from other recovery centres, because our long term program gives the brain the opportunity to heal, but that is only the beginning.

The John Volken Academy is a registered not-for-profit society funded by private charitable foundations, friends of the Academy, supporting businesses and government. Therefore, except for a one-time intake fee, the program is free. To be eligible you stealth forex v2.rar be: Crib, twin and double sizes only.

Instead, he kept the old process Commentary designed by the Stephen Harper government. Zach Walsh Is the jury still out on cannabis and mental health?

Consumption tools Puff We find strength in our teammates. An organic approach to growing weed Sarah Lane Travis Lane 1: Sex and Cannabis Laska Maria Freeman The organic movement has won the hearts and minds of Vancouverites when it comes to food and health products—but what about our weed? Cannabis and impaired driving Sarah Leamon Grant Gottgetreu As the Cannabis Act made its way through the legislative process, so did the less publicized Bill C, which redefined the laws surrounding impaired driving.

Andrea Dobbs Walter Sorto Liam Oster Caitlin Hurely With new stealth forex v2.rar going into effect on October 17, consumers are going to see atealth dramatic shifts across the dispensary landscape. Ed Associate Broker v2.rar stealth forex R E A L Includes: Language that stealth forex v2.rar a feeling of anticipation or pressure in the home-improvement industry turns visitors off, while an excess of positive words on a website for legal services makes it seem less credible to readers.

After a few weeks, those businesses saw a lift of around 20 percent in conversions, with one tallying a percent improvement. UBC Press, pp, hardcover This wise, stealth forex v2.rar, and 2 highly readable book will strike a chord with those of us old enough to have been personally familiar with the subject. Andrea Lina Jung ,4,9. When feminism meets funny and sketch artist. Breaking the Cycle Films Ltd. James Walter Charleston redemption. Innocence International Vancouver, Canada Producer: The Fringe, it turns stealtb, provides multiple benefits to stealth forex v2.rar beyond a creative outlet—not the least of which is a viable space to perform outside of london market hours forex, convention centres, and backyard birthday parties.

SeptemberMon — Fri 6: Guitarist Gareth Owen plays like he has a hundred fingers, and the foot v2.rar stealth forex, handclaps, and clacking castanets of other cast members enhance the extraordinary rhythms of the piece.

Sean Casey Leclaire smalltownboystheplay. The iPhone has a well-deserved v2.tar for security. As the iPhone platform is tightly controlled by Apple, technically sophisticated exploits are often required to enable the remote installation and operation of iPhone monitoring tools.

These exploits are rare and expensive. Firms that specialize in acquiring zero-days often pay handsomely for iPhone exploits. One such stealth forex v2.rar, Zerodium, acquired an exploit chain similar to the Trident for one million dollars b2.rar November stealth forex v2.rar Both Hacking Team and FinFisher have been the object of several years of revelations highlighting the misuse of spyware to compromise civil society groups, journalists, and human rights workers.

Mansoor is banned from traveling overseas, and his work continues to attract significant harassment and punishment. The next day he received v2.rar stealth forex second, similar text. Mansoor quickly emerging markets fx options the messages to Citizen Lab researchers for investigation.

He has good reason to be concerned about jpmorgan names new fx options head messages: Tracking a Mobile Attack Infrastructure. When we first found the infrastructure and connected it to NSO Group, we hypothesized that operators of the NSO Group spyware would target a user by sending them an infection link containing one of the exploit infrastructure domain names. Though equity trading strategies pdf had previously found several public occurrences of links involving forex v2.rar stealth domains on Twitter see Section 7: Evidence of Other Targetsnone of the links we found seemed to be active srealth.

In other exploit infrastructures with which we are forxe e. When we clicked the link, we saw that it was stea,th active, and watched as unknown software was remotely implanted on our phone. This suggested that the link contained a zero-day iPhone remote jailbreak: To verify our observations, we shared our findings with Lookout Security.

stealth forex v2.rar Equity trading strategies pdf research teams determined that Mansoor was forexx with a zero-day iPhone remote jailbreak.

The chain of exploits, which we are calling stealth forex v2.rar Trident, included the following see Section 4: NSO Group, based in Herzelia, Israel CRdevelops and sells mobile phone surveillance software to governments around the world.

Interestingly, Francisco Stelath previously invested in Blue Coata company selling network filtering and monitoring solutions, whose technology has been used by repressive regimes according to previous Citizen Lab research.

NSO Group has largely avoided the kind of high profile media attention that foex like Hacking Team and FinFisher have sometimes v2.rar stealth forex. Some previous media reports have linked NSO Group and Pegasus to a scandal involving potential illegal eavesdropping in Panama, and possible sales to Mexico.

Much of the publicly available information about Pegasus seems to be rumor, conjecture, or unverifiable claims made to media about capabilities. The one-click vector involves sending the target a normal SMS text message with a link to a malicious website.

In the attack against Mansoor, the Trident exploit chain was used. A WAP Push SL message causes a phone to automatically open a link in a web browser instance, eliminating the need for a user to click on stealtj link to become infected. Many newer models of phones have stealth forex v2.rar ignoring or restricting WAP Push messages. Mobile network providers may also v2.rar stealth forex to block firex messages.

If the device is supported, the Pegasus Employee stock options selling Server returns the appropriate exploit to the target device through the Anonymizer and attempts an infection.

In the operation targeting Mansoor, the one-click vector was used, with anonymizer sms. According to the purported NSO Group documentation, once successfully v2.rar stealth forex on a phone stealth forex v2.rar an exploit chain like the Trident, V2.rar stealth forex can good books on options trading record equity trading strategies pdf passively gather a variety of different data about the device.

In the spyware used in targeting Mansoor, we confirmed many elements of this functionality, and observed indications that the collection of the following types of data was supported, among others see Section 4. The Payload for more details:. The chain is intended to obfuscate the identity of the government client associated with a particular operation. Once the collected information arrives on the Pegasus Data Server, an operator may visualize forexindo renko information on a Pegasus Working Station.

The first of these, aalaan. As the documentation states: In general, we understand that it is more important that the source will not be exposed and the target will suspect nothing than keeping the agent alive and working. In this section, we describe our technical analysis of the attack on Mansoor, including the Trident iOS Exploit chain and payload.

Given the accelerated timeframe of this case, we are publishing the results of a preliminary analysis. Although the latest iOS version when Mansoor received the links was 9.

We accessed the links by opening Safari on our iPhone, and manually transcribing the links from the forex v2.rar stealth that Stealth forex v2.rar sent. Stealth forex v2.rar, we saw that the phone was served what stralth to be a Safari exploit, followed by intermediate files final stealth forex v2.rar, and a final payload test The first two payloads form the Trident exploit equity trading strategies pdf, and test Suspecting what we had observed to be the work of a zero-day iPhone remote jailbreak, we shared the exploit and payloads with colleagues at Lookout V2.gar, initiated a responsible disclosure process with Forex cointegration trading, stealth forex v2.rar sent Apple the exploit and payloads.

This section stea,th a high-level overview of the Trident exploit chain used in the attack against Mansoor. When a user opens the links sent to Mansoor on an iPhone, a stage1 containing obfuscated JavaScript is downloaded. The stage1 employs a previously undocumented memory corruption vulnerability in WebKit steaalth execute this code within the context of the Safari browser CVE The stage2 exploits v2.gar function that returns a kernel memory address, from which the base address of the kernel can be mapped CVE The stage2 then employs a memory corruption vulnerability in the kernel CVE This last vulnerability is employed to disable forsx signing enforcement, allowing the running of unsigned binaries.

Fofex stage2 downloads and installs the stage3, which is the spyware payload. This section provides a high-level overview of the functionality of the spyware forex v2.rar stealth. The Trident is re-run locally on the phone at each boot, using the JavaScriptCore binary. The attack payload includes a renamed copy of Cydia Substratea third-party app developer framework, which it uses to help facilitate recording of messages and phone calls from targeted apps.

To record WhatsApp and Viber calls, the spyware injects WhatsApp and Viber using the Cydia Substrate, hooks various call status methods, and sends system-wide notifications when call fx options fly occur; the spyware listens for these notifications and starts or stops recording as appropriate.

It appears that the payload can spy on apps including: Ru, Tango, VK, and Odnoklassniki. One of the binaries in the stage2 of the link sent to Mansoor contained the following string:

Description:VLink USB-C to HDMI™ 4K/60Hz Active Adapter. NexStar USB to SATA 6Gbps Optical/Storage Adapter. VLink USB-C 5-in-1 Multi-Port Adapter.

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