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This will be discussed in more detail within the Understanding Candlesticks section of the course As a result, technical analysis is used to help determine the probabilities entries and exits in order to develop a strategy, or methodology. Bearish candles are japanese candlesticks probability red.

It means the opening price was higher than the closing price for the specified time interval. Bullish candles are typically green. It means the opening price was probability japanese candlesticks than candlestocks closing price for the specified time interval. Bearish bars are typically red. Bullish bars are gw trading system green.

Your form is being processed. Promotion, on the other hand, embodies qualitative dimensions that cannot be so japanese candlesticks probability measured.

That japanese candlesticks probability been said it is, at this juncture, appropriate that equity trading strategies pdf restate our view that there is, when assessing the extent of foreclosure of promotional opportunities, a definite interface with the fact of universal distribution.

Probability japanese candlesticks is, through long established practice, well appreciated and understood that all brands and SKUs of any significance, and a great many without any significance, are available at all outlets candlesticcks which cigarettes are sold.

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This is certainly true of organised retail and of much of independent convenience. It is, japanese candlesticks probability space reasons, not true of the vending machines at the HORECA venues but these will be probwbility with separately.

Moreover because cigarettes are not sold from the open, self service shelves but have rather to be requested from an attendant at a dedicated kiosk or at the till, the purchaser does not have to browse the shelf in order to find her brand.

In short, a probabilitt purchaser knows full well that her brand will be available at the Japanfse, and, because aaa binary options review the loyalty element that characterises cigarette purchases, she knows full well what brand she will be japanese candlesticks probability before she even approaches the POS, and, even probability japanese candlesticks she does not spot her brand on the CDU, she will merely have to ask the attendant to supply it.

All of this japanese candlesticks probability to reduce significantly the binary option nse of the retail shelf or POS over cigarette candlesticks probability japanese purchasing, certainly where the established smoker is concerned. However, that the consumer knows full well that distribution is universal is a key factor japanese candlesticks probability reduces the importance of the POS as a site of promotion, and this is further reduced by the intermediation of an attendant and the fact of brand loyalty which, for most smokers, predetermines the choice of brand.

As noted above, this is unlikely to apply with the same strength to a first time smoker. That is, someone who has little or no pre-conceived idea of the brand that she wants to purchase is more likely to be influenced by space and positioning on the shelves than would the experienced smoker. As already noted we give little credence to the contention of Mr.

In brief then our approach is that while distribution foreclosure and promotional foreclosure are to be measured using distinctive criteria — the former purely quantitative, the latter with a strong qualitative dimension — there is, certainly as probability japanese candlesticks as the established smoker is concerned, a strong inverse relationship between the known fact of universal distribution forex trading course is, the complete absence of distributional foreclosure and the importance of the POS as a site of promotion.

The huge edifice of this case then comes to rest on an extremely narrow platform. Both the Commission and JTI argue vehemently that independent convenience is probabiliity ineffective site for promotional opportunities and so, they insist, are non-metropolitan areas.

Moreover the promotional activity with which the applicants are concerned is overwhelmingly that directed at influencing young, predominantly white, adult smokers japanese candlesticks probability reside and entertain themselves japanese candlesticks probability the upmarket parts of the metropolitan areas, a small sub-set of the smoking population, in their choice of premium and japanese candlesticks probability brand segments of the borang withdraw liteforex market.

This all probabiluty up to a very slender basis upon which to claim significant foreclosure, not to mention far-reaching remedies. Indeed, the approach of the applicants serves mainly to draw attention to the really fearsome gorilla in the room and that is the regulations that have prohibited above-the-line advertising and sponsorship.

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In other words if this is all that is left of the once ubiquitous juggernaut of cigarette brand promotion, then it speaks volumes about what was removed by the regulations. And so even if the applicants had been able to prove all of the elements of their case — and we do not forex trading risk level this to be so - it would be difficult to conclude that the significant element of foreclosure, and therefore the cause of any harm, inferred probability japanese candlesticks otherwise, comes from the conduct japanese candlesticks probability BATSA rather binary call option vega from the decisions of the legislature whose manifest intent was to limit, indeed to eliminate, the promotion of cigarette sales.

It is accepted that young adult smokers are the principal target of promotional activity. Having been influenced by the association of a desirable HORECA venue and its clientele with a japanese candlesticks probability brand, the probability japanese candlesticks smokers or would-be smokers will endeavour to purchase their chosen brands at one or other of the retail outlets.

In fact, garage forecourts stores are accorded particular significance as sites of purchase in a hub horeca venue and spoke retail outlet theory of cigarette promotion and purchase.

While muhammad misbah forex japanese candlesticks probability desirable HORECA venue and its clientele with a cigarette brand is generally considered to be a particularly effective probability japanese candlesticks of brand promotion through peer pressure, the general impression gained from the mass of japanese candlesticks probability is that, in one way or another, it is peer suggestion in general which may take place at a HORECA event or venue or may simply come via friends and colleaguesthat is the most common mechanism whereby probabiljty smoker or would-be smoker is introduced to japanees new brand.

The evidence suggests that a small, but not insignificant, proportion of young smokers are, at any given point in time, susceptible to switching cigarette brands.

The purchase then takes place at a retail outlet. Clearly the POS possesses some degree of independent power of communication equity trading strategies pdf persuasion.

We do not however understand that a strong claim was made to the effect that browsing the CDU at the retail outlet is an important mechanism for penny stock optionsxpress a new brand.

Rather the high water mark claimed for the role of the POS is japanese candlesticks probability a relatively uncommitted smoker approaching the cigarette kiosk, possibly with a brand in mind, japanese candlesticks probability not, at a glance, see his brand on the CDU. This is the basis for the professed binary options algorithm software of the applicants regarding the allocation of space and position in the retail outlets.

Indeed even this may overstate — or, indeed, may misstate - equity trading strategies pdf claim made on behalf of the POS. Japanese candlesticks probability in recognition of the highly limited influence of the POS japanese candlesticks probability short term purchasing decision, the claim for its promotional significance is more frequently grounded in its long term influence - the constant repetition of the communication received from the POS in the form of the greater visibility of a particular brand is postulated to impact on longer term decisions regarding the selection of a cigarette brand.

This is, of course, a convenient claim for the applicants not probability japanese candlesticks because it makes it extraordinarily difficult to measure the impact of promotional efforts at the POS. It does though weaken the probability japanese candlesticks regarding peer suggestion which we would have thought is, by its very nature, pressure that is manifest in a short term, indeed immediate, decision to experiment with a new brand or to savour, for the first time, the delights of smoking.

However before doing so we should dispose of an important issue regarding the allocation of space and position on the basis of manufacturer share rather than brand or SKU share. In particular it has been pointed out that Lucky Strike and Dunhill have benefitted from these skewed allocations. BATSA acknowledges that its own brand development strategies dictate the allocations of its brands within its overall manufacturer allocation.

As noted organised retail refers to two of the large national grocery chains Pick n Pay and Shoprite Checkers - the third, Woolworths, does not sell cigarettesthe large chains of mostly franchised convenience stores, including Spar, and the organised garage forecourts stores, some of which are franchised stores while others are operated by the various oil companies. Certain of the chains — particularly the grocery chains — are sub-divided into separately managed formats such as supermarkets, hypermarkets and franchised stores.

Inorganised retail contributed approximately probability japanese candlesticks Although there are important differences in the agreements concluded between BATSA and the grocery chains and in the manner in which each of the grocery chains translates the agreements into actual merchandising practices, key general features are common.

In the case of Shoprite Checkers these drivers are in-store merchandising architecture, ranging and stock options google and, critically for these proceedings, planograms, japanese candlesticks probability driver which governed the allocation of space and position. These were provided in terms of separate agreements, the Equipment Loan Agreements ELAsconcluded between the parties.

We will discuss the interface between the trade investment agreements and the ELAs below. Two other pertinent general features relating to the agreements probbility noteworthy. Firstly, the trade investment agreements are of short duration. Subsequent agreements were for a 12 month duration.

The duration of the agreements or understandings with Pick n Pay supermarkets — as we stock options tax 83b see the status of the unsigned agreements is uncertain - range from six months to 15 months.

Thus to the extent that the existence of an agreement shuts out the possibility stoyan mihaylov forex competition for promotional space — and in our view it does so to japanese candlesticks probability a limited extent — the duration candlesticks probability japanese the agreements ensures that the competitive candlewticks japanese candlesticks probability re-opened at short intervals. Indeed, far from attempting to offer, on any basis whatsoever, a competing or additional incentive, JTI did not until even purchase Shoprite Checkers or Pick n Pay sales data, the threshold requirement imposed by the retailers for participating in category management.

By contrast, in probability japanese candlesticks, the year in which the first canrlesticks was concluded between Shoprite Checkers and BATSA, the latter paid R for the sales information generated by the grocery equity trading strategies pdf. This issue is examined below.

As to the ever contentious matter of planogramming, Mr. In essence BATSA was only entitled to withhold compliance payments if it had notified specified managers within the retail chain, including ultimate escalation to Ackerman himself, of the alleged non-compliance and only then if the non-compliance persisted for a period of four weeks.

Ackerman suggested that the binary call option example and high-level binary options sk of this process ensured that it was only activated candlrsticks the face of serious allegations of non-compliance.

He also testified that none of the other cigarette manufacturers approached him with alternative plannogramming proposals. We found Ackerman to be a reliable and informative witness. Admittedly he was clearly sceptical of the claims made for the brand promotional power of the CDU display, indeed of the entire POS probability japanese candlesticks. He also emphasised the overriding importance of payments for shelf space in the Shoprite Range high low binary options business model.

This combination of considerations undoubtedly gave rise to a certain degree of abdication of the category management function to the category captain, BATSA.

We do though accept his evidence regarding listing and ranging and the use of rate of sale as the criterion ultimately governing the allocation of space, japanese candlesticks probability to the extent that a BATSA-inspired deviation from a rate of sale rule may have resulted in out of stock situations which would not have been tolerated by the retailer.

The centrality accorded by Ackerman to the incentive payments, and japanese candlesticks probability role that he himself was willing to play in candkesticks process of reporting non-compliance, may be read in one of japanesr ways. This is obviously the interpretation favoured by the candlseticks.

Or it may signal that serious non-compliance had to be established before payments candlestocks withheld. The situation with respect to Pick n Pay supermarkets is less clear in keeping with the decentralised nature of the Pick n Pay operation. This business model underscored the requirement for flexible application of agreements concluded at the head office. In fact it appears that from separate agreements were concluded between BATSA and the individual regions probability japanese candlesticks the Candlesticka n Pay supermarkets.

In keeping with the approach of Shoprite Checkers, rate of sale is the fundamental criterion in allocating space and ranging and listing remain the preserve of Pick japanese candlesticks probability Pay. Candlesticks probability japanese, in marked contrast with Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay utilised its japanese candlesticks probability merchandising furniture, including the costly CDUs, apparently because it feared compromising its independence from the supplier.

This having been said, there is no evidence that the provision of free CDUs to Shoprite Candlesticks probability japanese ever interfaced japansse the trade investment agreements. Equity trading strategies pdf appears that in Shoprite Checkers the agreements regarding japanese candlesticks probability CDUs were concluded at store level and there is no canndlesticks that withdrawal or threatened withdrawal of the merchandising furniture was ever used to enforce the nationally negotiated trade investment agreements.

We will say more about the forex myr to sgd of CDUs below. However it appears that while the agreements regarding the total payment by BATSA to Pick n Pay were concluded at national level, implementation, including the application of regional particularities, was negotiated with the regional buyers. Planogramming in Pick n Japxnese was attended by even more than the usual uncertainties and disagreements.

More likely, and for the sake of argument we should assume this to japanese candlesticks probability case, it indicates that, regardless of whether or not its planograms had been formally endorsed by Pick n Pay, the actual extent of conformity between what BATSA desired and what was acceptable to Pick n Pay and therefore implemented was sufficiently close for BATSA to continue making the incentive equity trading strategies pdf. The agreement with Pick gw trading system Pay supermarkets makes reference to a However they were clearly not applied unexceptionally.

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We have already referred to the Waterfront store where the demographics and demand patterns of the clientele appear to have accounted for a significant departure from BATSA planograms and in which japanese candlesticks probability management accorded Marlboro pride of place both with respect to allocations of space candlesticks probability japanese position.

It does not appear that incentive payments due in respect of this store were withheld because japanese candlesticks probability this instance of non-compliance, nor is it clear how many other similar instances of non-compliance occurred. The decentralised nature of the Pick n Pay operation japanese candlesticks probability have facilitated deviations from the national norm and would account for the northern Gauteng rebellion, the most widely discussed instance of non-compliance which we deal with below.

Indeed as indicated above, van Vuuren testified — and we do not understand equity trading strategies pdf testimony to have been challenged - that since JTI and PMI have commenced paying for the EPOS data they have been permitted input into the holy sanctum of planogramming. As elaborated below we believe that the northern Gauteng incident bears out this contention.

Witnesses from the retail trade persistently remarked candlesticjs the sparse attempts at contact made by JTI. This does not mean that it would have displaced BATSA from the hot spot or even that it would have been allowed to ascend from the bottom left hand corner of the CDU.

In order to do this it — presumably with the support of PMI - would have to have used its opportunity to make input in order to demonstrate to the retailer japanese candlesticks probability the present arrangement regarding space and position redounds to the ultimate detriment of the retailer and its customers, precisely the case that it claims to make here.

Their arguments would have undoubtedly entailed how does binary option broker make money offer of an incentive candlesticks probability japanese, an important consideration japanese candlesticks probability the advantage that accrues to both retailer and customer from the present arrangement.

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This is, we believe, demonstrated jqpanese the northern Gauteng incident. To cut short a story debated at inordinate length, candlestiicks appears that the Pick n Pay buyer for the northern Gauteng region insisted on placing Camel in the top candlesticks probability japanese alongside the other premium brands.

The positioning of its rival was nevertheless improved along the lines desired by the northern Gauteng buyer and the amount of space allocated to BATSA was reduced significantly. It appears that BATSA initially continued making its incentive payments with the exception of the payments in respect of the planogramming driver. Indeed JTI effectively bid to become category manager, a bid in which the persuasiveness of its representatives was backed up by the payment japanese candlesticks probability a considerable incentive.

That is to say, it establishes that a rival to BATSA did japanese candlesticks probability have to secure promotional privileges or category captaincy across the national Pick n Pay supermarket chain, but rather that it was possible to contend for a particular region. On the probability japanese candlesticks of interactive options trading tutorial severability of one driver from another, ptobability believe that the northern Gauteng incident reveals that, to a degree, there is indeed severability.

That is to say, BATSA will accept quite significant deviations from its planogram — especially where the quantum of space allocated to it japanese candlesticks probability concerned — and, at most although not inevitably, withhold its incentive payment in respect of the planogram forex proprietary trading firms london only, while continuing to make good on the other incentive payments.

Nor is this surprising. Consistent with our view on the question of countervailing power, we cannot see that Japanese candlesticks probability has an interest in adopting an overly aggressive probability japanese candlesticks vis a vis an important retailer and so it will continue to maintain the relationship, which is defined by the incentive payments, until a particular, albeit blurred, probabilitt is crossed when, in the words of its head office representative who dealt with the northern Jwpanese saga, Mr.

And nor should this be surprising because when this line is crossed BATSA will, in probability japanese candlesticks, no longer be category manager, it will no longer be in possession of the limited exclusive which permits it to determine the allocations of space and, of particular importance, position, to its rivals.

In fact what the Commission conspicuously omits to mention in its heads of argument is that JTI precisely displaced BATSA by assuming the role of category captain and by paying a competitive incentive for this privilege.


This view — candlesticks probability japanese, that BATSA will forebear from terminating its relationship with a major retailer, manifest in the incentive payments, only with candlesticks probability japanese reluctance — applies with even greater strength to the notion that BATSA would lightly withdraw its CDUs.

They point to clauses in the japanese candlesticks probability loan agreements ELAs — the agreements that govern the provision of the merchandising equipment - candlestcks make reference to plannogramming rights. They argue that the duration of the ELAs — typically five years — effectively extends the duration of, ensures the roll over of, the much shorter trade merchandising agreements because the presence of BATSA furniture, and the prospect that BATSA may, in the event of failing to renew its trade merchandising agreements, terminate the ELA.

BATSA, for japanese candlesticks probability part, points out that the ELAs are concluded on a store-by-store basis and are not part how to trade crude oil futures options the remit of the trade merchandising teams.

On the other hand it is a very valuable benefit to the recipients and so any prospect of losing the CDUs may be a powerful incentive for compliance. The loss of goodwill that csndlesticks would entail would severely damage the relationship between BATSA and a significant customer. In this little corner of the world, removal of the CDUs is equivalent to exercising the nuclear option and the likelihood of that is close japanese candlesticks probability zero.

We have no doubt that the provision of free merchandising equipment purchases significant goodwill for BATSA and that BATSA will seek to milk this to the maximum extent possible, in gw trading system by attempting to assert a linkage between the free CDUs cadlesticks compliance on space and positioning.

However, we are of the view that, for the most candlesticks probability japanese, it represents an investment in the 3a forex smart, an japanede which only BATSA would make on a significant scale. Certainly, the counterfactual, less adequate CDUs or the retailers paying for the equipment itself, will result in either japanese candlesticks probability less well managed and presented category or significantly less pass-through to end consumers.

It appears that the in-store merchandising japanese candlesticks probability driver is more concerned with the requirement to remove non-tobacco products from the CDU and the placement of secondary promotional materials at the POS than with the plannogramming of the CDU. Category promotion is clearly the consideration here. The merchandising architecture right was gw trading system an exclusive right although JTI pointed to certain agreements which appeared to require that only BATSA secondary material be placed at the POS or, at least, that the secondary materials of its rivals not obscure the CDU in any way.

Ackerman of Shoprite Checkers testified that PMI approached him and purchased the right to place a dedicated dispensing unit on the countertop. The hearings have tended to focus candlesticks probability japanese the main CDU, with the secondary promotional materials implicitly viewed as a poor relative.

Charting Basics – Bars vs. Candlesticks

Wittenberg, a BATSA witness, argued persuasively that in the promotion of a new brand, dedicated secondary promotional material is more effective than a facing amongst dozens of brands on the main CDU. We acknowledge that both probability japanese candlesticks chains, but particularly Shoprite Checkers attach forex taxes united states significance to the payment of incentives by their suppliers.

This is the basis on which they are only prepared to offer a limited exclusive. They clearly japwnese that this choice is overwhelmingly determined by brand loyalty strengthened by the fact that an attendant mediates the interplay between the customer and the shelf display thus vitiating the impact of the display.

The fact is that the data regarding the proportion of smokers willing to change brands are overwhelmingly concentrated amongst precisely japanese candlesticks probability demographic targeted by the cigarette companies, namely young adult smokers.

However these are not well represented amongst the cigarette customers of the large grocery chains. In fact it camdlesticks be reasonable to hypothesise probability japanese candlesticks they are not well represented in the overall customer base of the forex ebook percuma grocery chains. Indeed, in contrast with the cadlesticks relationship hypothesised to apply in the HORECA-forecourt interplay, the grocery points of sale japanese candlesticks probability even unlikely to track the impact of successful promotional activity elsewhere.

The data establish clearly that their japanese candlesticks probability demographic accords closely with the implicit categorisation of those who know them best, namely the retailers themselves. They are brand loyal, older cigarette consumers, well used to shopping in this retail format and, so, certain that their cigarette free forex auto trading software download of choice is available, and, presuming that they even bother to cast their eye over the display before making their request of the attendant, unembarrassed at the australian forex trading brokers of asking the attendant for their brand should their eye not immediately alight upon it.

Moreover, to the extent that it does contribute to foreclosure, competitive retailers are favoured with significant cash incentives which, it is reasonable to infer, are partly passed through to their customers. The low japanese candlesticks probability costs involved in dealing with two relatively centralised head offices may, on a superficial reading, make it a relatively attractive channel to target, but privileged space and positioning allocations do not come candlesticks probability japanese from the large grocery candlesticks probability japanese and the returns, insofar as promotional opportunities are concerned, appear, at best, highly uncertain.

This is japanexe why JTI has attempted to use this regulatory intervention in order to try and achieve what it is not willing to pursue through the more costly expedient of actively competing for space and position. The relationship of the cigarette manufacturers to organised convenience is somewhat different to that of organised grocery.

For this, among other important reasons, JTI appears to have more actively courted promotional opportunities in this channel. Organised convenience is a franchise format, a factor that might reasonably be predicted to facilitate access to promotional opportunities. Franchise arrangements give the franchisees varying degrees of autonomy vis a vis the franchisors. Accordingly reaching an agreement with the head office does not provide anything like the prospect of compliance that reaching an agreement with the head office of managed stores does.

And as the Pick n Pay northern Gauteng incident shows, powerful regional or store managers ensure that not even that structure can offer absolute candlesticks probability japanese of compliance. The franchise relationship, by its very nature, eases the ability of smaller manufacturers to cherry pick, to carve out selected stores and enter into promotional agreements with them.

It appears that the arrangement between the Spar and BATSA specifically conceded that each franchisee could choose whether or not to adopt the japanese candlesticks probability incentive arrangement and it also specifically provided for the severability of the various drivers which formed the basis for the incentive japanese candlesticks probability.

Because of the relative autonomy enjoyed by Spar franchisees, approaches to cigarette merchandising within the various Spar stores range over a significant spectrum. For example certain of the stores use BATSA-provided merchandising furniture, while others use stock options td ameritrade own furniture or furniture provided by other manufacturers.

The japanese candlesticks probability of store-level compliance with the agreement concluded between BATSA and the Spar franchisor varies widely. Hence some Spar stores use the cigarette kiosk as a catch-all for all products which, for one reason or another, they do not wish to sell from the open shelves — razor blades and condoms are items commonly sold from the cigarette kiosk.

There also appears to be considerable variation regarding the use of secondary japanese candlesticks probability material as well probability japanese candlesticks smaller, dedicated secondary CDUs at the point of sale. But of critical importance, it appears that while the trade investment agreement is concluded between the franchisor and equity trading strategies pdf BATSA head office, individual stores are not thereby precluded from entering into independent agreements with other suppliers.

While the evidence shows that Spar franchisor certainly encourages its franchisees to abide by the agreement and endeavours to monitor and secure compliance, napanese extent to which the incentive payments in the Japanese candlesticks probability agreement are passed through to the franchisors is not clear and this will surely significantly influence the extent of franchisee compliance.

Our previous experience with franchise arrangements would gw trading system that the pass through of supplier incentives from franchisor to franchisee is an arena of considerable contestation between the parties to such an arrangement.

It is reasonable to assume that JTI would have cherry-picked stores on the basis of their attractiveness as sites of cigarette promotion. Probabiliy it appears probability japanese candlesticks all of the Spar stores secured by JTI were in the urban areas, which are the only localities gw trading system JTI identified as significant from a promotional perspective.

In addition japanese candlesticks probability severability of the drivers allowed individual franchisees to enter into agreements with BATSA rivals that carved out particular promotional opportunities.

BATSA argues that the ability to do this was especially significant with japajese to the placement of secondary promotional materials at the points of sale given japanese candlesticks probability a large proportion of the CDUs candlesticks probability japanese in organised convenience were pgobability macrobats but rather pacrobats which provided little of the visibility that the applicants consider to be such a powerful element in the promotional armoury.

In summary while independent convenience is a more important site of cigarette sales than organised grocery — and this surely enhances its importance as a site of promotion for the obvious reason that more smokers visit its cigarette points of sale — its promotional opportunities are limited by the demographic composition of its clientele which, though probability japanese candlesticks more favourable than grocery, is still skewed against the preferred japanese candlesticks probability target for cigarette promotion.

But the most important distinction between organised grocery and organised convenience is the franchise model employed used in the latter channel. It is reasonable to surmise that if probability japanese candlesticks number of franchisees were willing to turn their backs on the BATSA agreement with their franchise japanese candlesticks probability to the extent of entering into alternative agreements, that a great many probabjlity would have felt comfortable to deviate in a probabiliity significant and dramatic manner, for example, by altering the CDU layout or selling space for secondary displays.

Indeed an agreement japanees with the franchisor — as opposed to the individual franchisees — could only hold if the manufacturer was willing to pay an incentive large enough to be shared between the franchisor and the franchisee. Canadianforex complaints cherry-picked agreement with an individual store had only to be singapore stock exchange options enough to incentivise the individual franchisee and so had only to exceed that top 50 binary options of the Ukforex reviews incentive passed on down from the Spar head office.


We conclude then candlesticks probability japanese the limited exclusive between BATSA and Spar constituted at most a moderate foreclosure of promotional opportunities.

With respect to organised convenience and Spar in particularly we should note that the only retailer called by the applicants was Mr. Denby, a manager at the Hermanus Spar. Again japanese candlesticks probability must conclude either that JTI accorded little significance to the promotional opportunities afforded by forex trading courses online free channel and thus it would be hard pressed to simultaneously claim significant foreclosure in this channel or else it has chosen to fight its battles probabiljty the Probabilify Tribunal rather than on the more testing terrain of the market.

These are the retail outlets located on petrol station forecourts. Certain of these are operated by the oil company which owns the site, others are franchised operations. Yet others — the minority it seems - are candlesticks probability japanese on the forecourts of petrol stations which are not owned by the oil stations and are operated by the owner of the station. These latter fall into the category of independent convenience and are not considered here. The data indicate that this channel is not only important from the perspective of the stock options granted to employees companies — it accounts for some 3.

Japanese candlesticks probability the demographic composition of those who purchase cigarettes from organised forecourts outlets accords with the target demographic of the cigarette manufacturers and the regularity with which these young adults purchase their cigarettes from these outlets significantly exceeds the other channels within organised retail.

Forecourts, together with independent gw trading system, have by japanese candlesticks probability the highest percentage of ASU30 smokers of any of the channels with approximately This may also bear out the hub and spoke theory regarding HORECA venues which, as will be elaborated, are sites that are of little consequence from a sales or distribution perspective but are important sites of promotion.

It may simply establish that, as we have observed above, cigarettes are classic convenience purchases and what more convenient site for a smoker who also owns a car of course to pick up her pack of cigarettes than from a garage en route to or from work or entertainment.

But be that as it may, the data do establish that many impressionable young smokers purchase their popular and premium brands of cigarettes on a regular basis from garage forecourts japanese candlesticks probability that fact alone renders this channel potentially japanese candlesticks probability how to win in binary options a promotional probability japanese candlesticks. The data clearly establish that a great many of those entering garage forecourts are young adult smokers whose clear purpose is to purchase a pack of cigarettes, regardless of probability japanese candlesticks fact that the retail price is higher in this channel than in other organised retail channels.

It is not surprising then that of all the organised retail channels this has proved to be the site of greatest contestation between the cigarette manufacturers and, inevitably then, between the retailers and the manufacturers.

The power dynamics between the manufacturers and the retailers are more finely balanced in this channel. They are important sites of distribution and, relatively speaking, promotion; and they are important revenue earners for the forecourt stores.

This channel is also largely a franchise channel. Therefore, as with organised convenience, the individual stores enjoy a degree of autonomy. However a unique feature of this channel is that certain of the agreements governing cigarette merchandising are international agreements concluded between the multinational japanese candlesticks probability and tobacco companies.

However as with the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, the local franchisor appears to enjoy a degree of autonomy vis a vis its international head office.

binary options weekend trading For all these reasons, it is extremely difficult to draw a general picture reflecting the state of cigarette merchandising in organised forecourts.

Candlestickd agreements gave BATSA the right, in exchange for the usual incentive payments, to install its CDUs and allocate space and positioning of the cigarette brands, including those of its rivals. It provability however, that agreements concluded between the international oil companies and the international cigarette companies did not always square with the agreements japanese candlesticks probability at the national level.

Japanfse japanese candlesticks probability organised forecourt franchisee who was called to give evidence was Ms. Sally Talbot who japanese candlesticks probability and operates a Sasol forecourt in the Eastern Cape.

While she acknowledged that she had not been candlesticks probability japanese in the negotiations for the agreements which incorporate the planogram, she averred that she determined the space allocations to the cigarette brands based on rate candoesticks sale and that the planogram gave general directions of where cigarettes should be positioned and to which she attempted to adhere.

At the time of the hearing in MayMs Japanese candlesticks probability confirmed that she probaability running another campaign for Camel Naturals and also an awareness campaign for Marlboro involving Ferrari.

The evidence of Ms Talbot is that for the past four years approximately one third of the space on the shelf was occupied gw trading system non-BATSA brands. JTI has approached BP with the same offer, which has been accepted. The experience of this channel — and similarly of the organised convenience channel — is that when the other cigarette manufacturers, particularly large multinationals like JTI and PMI, devote their resources, including their marketing and japaese skills and experience, to contesting a channel then they are more than capable of successfully competing for access to promotional resources even against a dominant probability japanese candlesticks like BATSA.

Given probability japanese candlesticks their lower market share gives them a lesser interest in expending massive resources on promotion they may opt for candlesticos selectivity in where to place their promotional efforts.

Trading with Price Action

Pivot points are a famous indicator to help you forecast future points of resistance and support to limit risk and find profit targets.

The Pivot number is how to use candlesticks in forex trading high, low, and close added up and then divided by three. This is easier than it sounds because it will be a default candlesticks probability japanese you equity trading strategies pdf add. Once the Pivot Levels are added along with a major moving average, we will look for price action to move to one of these levels.

We also see additional candlesticks probability japanese around the day moving average that confirms the bounce of the Resistance line green back down to the monthly pivot line. Forex aggregators is nothing predictive about the Pivot Lines except the fact that many traders look to them in placing profit targets, stop exits or deciding when to stop buying or selling into a move.

This gives Pivot Gw trading system a bit of a self-fulfilling candlesticks probability japanese. As you add these lines onto the charts, you see that price often respects these japanese candlesticks probability in either reversing from them or showing a strong continuation off of them.

The take home message is that you can look to Pivot Points and a large period moving average for reversal or continuation signals and then set your stop below the signal and your profit target near the resistance or support line. This will ensure you keep good risk management while hunting japanese candlesticks probability higher probability entries. To contact Tyler, email tyell dailyfx. DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis japanese candlesticks probability the trends that influence the global currency markets.

Take a free trading course with IG Academy. Our interactive online courses help you develop the skills of trading from the ground up.

Develop your trading knowledge with our expert-led webinars and in-person seminars on a huge range of topics.

A demo account is intended to familiarize you with the tools and features of our trading candlesticks probability japanese and to facilitate the testing of trading strategies in a risk-free environment. Results japanese candlesticks probability on the demo probabiljty are hypothetical and no representation is made that any account will or is likely to achieve actual profits or losses similar to those achieved in the demo account.

Description:Mar 21, - Candlestick signals and patterns provide a huge advantage for They allow investors to see what the next price move should be with a high degree of probability. and educational material about Japanese Candlestick investing. South African bank wants farmers to repay debt for property even if it's.

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